Are you looking for a well-paying 
career that you actually like and can do from home?

If you enjoy helping people, and would like the flexibility that comes with running your own home-based business, you may want to take a closer look at becoming a professional life coach.  

As a coach, you work one-on-one helping clients discover what is truly important to them and achieve the outcomes they most desire. It is wonderfully rewarding work which is typically done over the phone.  And with the proper training and a consistent effort you can create a very profitable business within a year.

And coaching is growing quickly.  Due to its popularity, high client satisfaction levels and growing demand, coaching has become one of the fastest growing home-based businesses in North America. It has also spread throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Asia. 

What separates the really successful coaches from the ones that struggle?  It boils down to three main areas:

1) Good Coaches enjoy coaching.
Make sure you will actually enjoy coaching.  After all, as a coach you will be doing this all day. Do you enjoy talking with people?  Do you get excited when you see them succeed?  Do people naturally come to you for advice? Would you enjoy the freedom of self-employment?  If these statements are true for you, keep reading.  

And to get a real feel for coaching - this profession that you are considering joining - you may want to consider hiring a coach for a few months. Make sure your coach is ICF certified, will chat with your for free ( to see if there is rapport), and will not require any long-term contract.  

If money is really tight, you can at least explore some of the free orientation calls or courses that many of the ICF accredited coach training schools provide.

2) Good Coaches get great training.
If you are going to do something, do it well.  Find the best training for you. In this regard, you would be well advised to do your homework on the various coach training schools.  There are now over a hundred and twenty "coaching schools" and more popping up each week.  As of this writing, only twenty-four are actually accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation).  Be particularly wary of any school that is not ICF accredited. 

Like any fast growing profession, coaching has a few fast-buck artists flogging inferior coaching programs.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK.  This also applies to those schools that are accredited by the ICF.  They all have different philosophies, approaches, training styles, costs, etc.  Some train in person, some do it over the phone. Make sure you pick the right one for you.  To get a feel for how different the programs can be, check out a brief comparison of several coach training programs at COMPARISON.

3) Successful Coaches master the business of Coaching.
This is where most new coaches drop the ball.  You will really benefit from learning a lot about the actual business of coaching.  Here we are referring to the actual setting up, operating and especially marketing of your coaching practice.  

There are simply far more good coaches than there are good coaches with full practices.  The difference is marketing.  Look to work with an experienced and successful coach for this. Most of the coaching schools offer a limited or relatively simplistic approach to marketing. You need to find the best, most natural, cost effective and most fun way of sharing your gifts with the world, profitably.  CAUTION - AS COACHING IS A RELATIVELY NEW PROFESSION, SOME OF THE TRADITIONAL WAYS OF PROMOTING YOUR SERVICES DO NOT WORK.

How long does it take to become a Coach?

Regarding timing, it is different for everyone.  And like any new endeavor, the first few months will be slow.  Typically you will be spending 90% of your time learning to coach and doing your marketing.  

However many diligent coaches - i.e. who follow the above guidelines - are able to begin coaching (and generate some income) within a few months and make a transition into full time coaching within 6 months to a year. 

In summary, if you like working with people, and you get great coach training, and take a professional and consistent approach to the business and marketing of coaching, you stand a good chance of joining the top 20% of this profession - that make a great living doing what they love.

Remember, anything worth doing, is worth doing well. 

O.K., I don't want to re-invent the wheel, how do I get started quickly?

The next step for a new coach or 
the coach ready to take their practice to a new level. 

If you have done your soul searching and research, and are getting more and more excited about becoming a coach, and want to do it right, here's something to consider. 

Before you make any decisions about; quitting your existing job, signing up with one of the hundred expensive coaching schools, blowing a bundle on advertising, or just hanging out your shingle, consider getting some experienced coaching and mentoring. The benefits you would be looking for include:

  • Truly experiencing great coaching from an experienced, certified coach - so you know what it feels like to be coached well, and you personally experience the benefits. 

  • Learning the differences between the myriad of coaching schools so you can make a great decision on the best, and most cost effective, training route for you.

  • Understanding the relevancy of the ICF and the process of certification.

  • Exploring and understanding the various ways of successfully marketing yourself. (Very important for your success.)

  • Appreciating what is necessary to become a very successful coach.

Many experienced coaches provide this mentoring service.  Just make sure your coach is:

  • A graduate of an ICF accredited coaching school.

  • A Certified Coach with at least 3 years experience.

  • Has experienced different training schools so that they can contrast them for you.

  • Is great at marketing.  ( And has a very successful practice to prove it.)

  • Is confident enough in their ability as a coach that they don't try to tie you up with any long-term contracts.

At Coach Central, we have a team of helpful, experienced and certified coaches that would love to help you become a coach.  To arrange a free consultation simply go to REQUEST


Just compare us to anyone.

At Coach Central you get:

  • The Coaches The very best in the business. All rigorously screened, experienced, certified coaches from ICF accredited schools. 

  • The Choice We can match you to the best coach, or you can choose yourself.   

  • The Free Sample Session - If you are serious about coaching, you can try it out through a complimentary session with the coach of your choice.

  • The Cost No mark-up.  You pay the coach their industry standard rate. 

  • The Guarantee 100% satisfaction. Money back at anytime in the first month of coaching. 

  • The Speed You can talk with a coach today. 
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As coaches we have worked with hundred of people who have told us that trying coaching was one of the best decisions they ever made. So please feel free to try our no-risk service. We would love to talk with you, give you a feel for coaching, and find out what you would most like to achieve in your life, career or business.

So if you are ready to make some great changes in your life, select a coach and arrange your complimentary coaching session, please click on the following link, and send your contact information to Coach Central.  We will do our best to get back to you within one working day. FREE SESSION

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